Increase your mobile advertising efficiency and impact

by targeting consumers during receptive and relevant mobile moments.

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Win the Mobile Advantage

Fly ahead of the competition with Aki’s AI-powered

insights, targeting and optimization.

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Deeper Insight

Smarter Targeting

Stronger Performance

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Why Mobile Moments?

Not every mobile moment is optimal for your campaign message. Aki helps you identify the moments that present the best opportunity for engagement.

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Reach Receptive Consumers

You can reach consumers 24/7/365, but why pay for impressions served when they are not welcome? With Aki, find out when your audience is in the optimal mindset for your message.

Improve Campaign Efficiency

When you have a clearer understanding of your audience’s mindset, you can eliminate waste on poorly-timed impressions and increase your return.

Win the Long-Term Advantage

Aki’s moment targeting consistently outperforms basic targeting segments, giving you an instant jump on the competition. Plus, you also get deep insights into an audience’s mobile journey that you can use to shape future campaigns and help inform overall strategy.



Find High-Value Mobile Moments

Aki offers the only platform designed to help you find the moments that present the best opportunity to achieve your campaign goals.

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Unmatched Targeting & Insights

Get a deeper understanding of your audience’s mobile journey. Then, target audiences during the moments that best align with your brand, product and/or message.

Flexible Campaign Management

Aki works the way you work best, offering both full service campaign management and a self-service platform for those who prefer to manage their own campaigns.

Mobile Moment Success Stories

Case Study: Campari America Sees 6x Brand Lift

Working with Mindshare NA, Aki created a campaign that targeted consumers during the moments they were most likely to be receptive to the brand’s message. The multi-format campaign included audio creative in order to ensure Campari engaged consumers during moments like grocery shopping, getting ready to go out, etc. — without disrupting those activities. The campaign, a first-to-market moment-targeted audio campaign, drove a 6x lift from control to exposed in top-of-mind awareness, measured by ComScore.

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