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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach professionals while they're engaged with their devices—with that business-decision-making mindset.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Mobile can be a tricky environment for B2B advertisers. On one hand, executives and decision-makers rely heavily on their devices to keep business moving and stay informed. On the other hand, they also turn to their devices for leisure and a host of other tasks—times when they may not be as receptive to a business-related message. So how do B2B advertisers ensure they're connecting with the right audience when they're in the best mindset for a campaign? Meet Aki Technologies' B2B Moments.

Aki's B2B Moments make it possible to find audiences during moments that they are most likely be receptive to a message about enterprise services or products. This might include moments like the Business News Moment, the Working on-the-Go Moment, the Business Lunch or Travel Moments and even the Executive Work Out Moment. Advertisers can target these moments with their mobile campaigns to optimize performance. Further, they can use mobile data signals to help inform what message or creative format would most likely align with the decision-maker at a specific moment.

How is it all done? Aki first looks at the full range of mobile signals like context (site or app), day of week, phase of day, location, event data, and other influencing factors like the stock market and weather. Aki interprets that data, along with CRM or third-party data, to find the target audience and understand the type of moment a consumer is experiencing. This makes it possible for B2B advertisers to zero in on the right consumers at the right moments and—finally!—avoid burning dollars on inefficient B2B mobile campaigns.

Did you know?

It's no secret the mobile is increasingly the go-to for news. According to Pew Research, mobile unique visitors outpaced desktop unique visitors by at least 10 percent for 44 of the top 50 U.S newspapers.

Source: Nieman Lab

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