#15: Brunch Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage your audience while out at brunch including at cafes, diners and restaurants open for brunch.

The Mobile Moment in Action

A Venice Beach Boardwalk t-shirt once defined brunch as "the socially acceptable excuse to drink before noon" and that was all the motivation we needed to develop a moment for this major American pass time: Brunch! No matter if your brunch crew is into bottomless bloody marys or green smoothies, brunch is a wonderful time to catch up, gossip, and plan fun things to do in the future. It's also a great opportunity for brands to become part of the conversation.

To the untrained eye, a Brunch Moment might seem easily achieved through geo- and day-part targeting. But, in the right hands (hint: Aki Technologies), it can be dramatically more impactful. The key lays in understanding contextual cues from the moments leading up to brunch, as well as historical location patterns. With this insight, Aki is able to hone in on die-hard brunchers, not simply anybody that happens to be in range of the brunch experience (like, say, the bread delivery guy). Further, Aki helps distinguish more effectively between different types of brunchers. After all, there's a difference between reaching always-early Emily while she's waiting for her girls at a boutique cafe, versus corner-table Joe who likes to spend the morning on his tablet with his customary short stack.

Aki targets moments, not just places and times, to provide greater relevancy and deliver more in-depth insights to clients. So next time your are trying to insert your brand into the brunch conversation, sit back, grab a mimosa, and let Aki show you the impact from Brunch Moments served up right.

Did you know?

Did you know: The english writer Guy Beringer first coined the term "brunch" in an 1895 essay titled "Brunch: A plea" in which Beringer proposed a better way for people to nurse their hangovers. “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling,” Beringer wrote. “It makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings." Beringer believed that brunch would provide a chance for friends to share their debauched tales of the previous evening—plus if someone needed to chase their meal with a hair-of-the-dog cocktail nobody would judge. And for that, we salute you Guy!

Source: MentalFloss.com.

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