#64: Career Move Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they're plotting their next career move.

The Mobile Moment in Action

A new job can mean way more than a change in the morning commute. Ideally, it's a milestone moment in life -- an upward move, a reward for great dedication and hard work. It doesn't usually happen overnight; in fact, there are many steps in the process, from the job search online, to shopping for the right interview look, networking, networking, networking and interviews. It can be an overwhelming and exciting process, but either way, the job searcher is in the mindset for change and self-improvement. For that reason, Career Move Moments can be very valuable for advertisers.

Aki Technologies helps brands identify and target Career Move Moments by the intelligent (and AI-powered) interpretation of the full range of mobile data signals as well as, when applicable, first- and third-party data. With Aki's help, brands can find their target audience during moments they are in that ambitious mindset—while they're searching for opportunities and researching, while they're shopping for that new ensemble or getting a smart haircut.

Career Move Moments are obviously of value to job search networks and services, but the opportunity extends well beyond these offerings. Consumers that are in the mindset to make changes and reap the rewards of their hard work may also be receptive to bigger investments—new household appliances, vacations, tech and auto upgrades. More receptive consumers translate to better campaign results—the kind of impact that marketers and agencies will want to talk up when they're making their own career moves.

Did you know?

Mobile devices are key for the job hunt. According to Monster.com, more than three in five job seekers look at company career pages from their smartphone or other device.

Source: Monster.com

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