#60: Coffee Break Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage your audience while they're getting that caffeine fix during the work day.

The Mobile Moment in Action

If our mobile devices are glued to one hand, what's the best guess for what's in our other hand? Yes, a coffee cup. We're hooked on caffeine and that's not just an opportunity for coffee vendors. Any advertiser can tap into the Coffee Break Moment, if they know how to do it.

Aki's mobile moment platform helps brands find consumers while they are getting their caffeine fix. The key is identifying the moments that consumers are taking their coffee break, a process that is achieved by analyzing mobile data signals. Aki looks at every relevant mobile signal—that includes location, but also phase of day, weather, context, and historical behavior patterns—so brands can target ads to consumers while they're catching their buzz.

The Coffee Break Moment represents a time in the work day that consumers are typically more receptive to advertising. Because it's a "me" moment, there is a greater likelihood of engaging with that automotive interstitial, travel video, movie promotion, and so on. For advertisers, this translates to increased efficiency in targeting and a whole "latte" engagement.

Did you know?

Coffee drinking is on the rise. The percentage of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis increased to 62% in 2016. That's up from 57% in 2016, according to the NCA’s 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report.

Source: NCA

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