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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage your audience during dinnertime.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Ah, dinner. A time for friends, families and romantic partners to come together to eat a delicious meal while enjoying the company of their... mobile devices? It's true that, today, mobile devices have infiltrated our lives so that even the most attentive dining partners are sometimes lured to their screen. For advertisers, these Dinner Moments represent an opportunity to engage—if they are approached in the right manner.

The first step in targeting Dinner Moments is identifying consumers who are experiencing those moments. Aki works with advertisers to understand what audiences are relevant to their campaign and then examines mobile signals to find those consumers while they're dining. Naturally, time of day is an important piece of data in this equation, but it's far from the only one. Answers to questions like ""Is this person at home or out?"" and ""Is this a casual dining experience or a special occasion"" can be extrapolated from the broader set of data to give advertisers a clearer understanding of the consumer's experience.

Once armed with the data, advertisers can make smarter targeting decisions. For example, the ad for diapers might not be well-received by the parents escaping for a romantic evening. Meanwhile, that CPG ad with rich media game might but just what the college student needed to get through a long family dinner. By understanding and targeting the Dinner Moment, advertisers can increase the likelihood of engagement and score the kind of performance that calls for second helpings.

Did you know?

When is the appropriate time to use a mobile phone? Pew Research did a study on etiquette and found that most people were against using phones during meals, with 18 to 29 year olds least offended.

Source: Pewinternet

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