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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach consumers (and millennials in particular) while they're prepping for their version of the holiday.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Sure, Thanksgiving has long been known as a time for families to reunite over turkey and parades and football, but that's not the only way to celebrate. Have you heard of Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is alternative Thanksgiving, a trend created by those who are far from home, or simply would rather carve a bird in the company of friends. Many of the holiday ingredients are still in place — delicious, indulgent meals, football, and drinks (okay, maybe more drinks) — but there might be EDM playing instead of Aunt Edna's Billy Joel collection. For advertisers, this alternative take on a long-standing holiday represents an opportunity to engage millennials, which is why Aki created the high-value Friendsgiving Moment.

The Friendsgiving Moment starts with the audience, typically 18 to 35, and drills down into the moments around the Thanksgiving holiday. Prep moments, including grocery shopping, party supplies, and—don't forget the cocktails—the liquor store run are targeted, as well as those moments the audience is spent doing online research. (Yes, please look up safety precautions before deep frying your first turkey.) Advertisers who want to reach millennials in holiday mode should take a closer look at the Friendsgiving Moment before the tryptophans kick in!

Did you know?

A study from Yahoo showed that a third of all Americans spend Thanksgiving with their friends, with millennials leading the way.

Source: Yahoo.

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