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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage consumers while they're scanning the shelves at supermarkets, making grocery decisions.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Whether they're pushing carts full of donuts and cookies or organic sunflower butter and flax meal, grocery shoppers have one thing in common: they've got their phones at the ready. And though it may seem easy as pie (or chia pudding) to engage consumers while they're out and about, real success hinges on finding the most receptive moments. That's where Aki's Grocery Shopping Moments come in.

Aki combines the full picture of mobile data (including context, session length and location) with demographic targeting (including CRM and third-party data) to determine the best moments to engage consumers. The Grocery Shopping Moment looks at these data points, including location, to help marketers find their audience while they're making purchasing decisions. For greater relevancy, marketers can even layer in additional data points like weather conditions. (Hot cocoa on a chilly day anyone?)

But the opportunity isn't only limited to the stores, Aki can also interpret data to target consumers during their pre-shopping moments, like when they're building a list at home.

Overall, the Grocery Shopping Moment represents a strong opportunity for packaged goods brands, personal care products and/or any products sold in the supermarkets and grocery stores. It's a great way to serve a relevant message while your target customer is cruising through the aisles.

Did you know?

Back in 2015, more than half (59%) using their mobile device for their shopping lists, according to a study from Ninth Decimal. Do you think that percentage has gone up?

Source: Mediapost.com

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