#28: The Halloween Spirit Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they're prepping for the creepiest time of the year, whether shopping for costumes and candy or trembling through seasonally spooky events like haunted houses and hayrides.

The Mobile Moment in Action

What do brands want to score for Halloween this year: ghosts, goblins, super heros... or super engagement rates for mobile campaigns? If it's the latter (and we're guessing it is) then it's time to take a closer look at Aki's Halloween Spirit Moments.

Aki's Halloween Spirit Moments allow brands to engage consumers while they're ramping up for the creepiest time of year. Costume hunting, candy shopping, haunted houses, chilling hayrides, ghostly parties, and even scary movie marathons—each of these moments (and more) are happening with smartphones in hand. And, through the interpretation of mobile data points, Aki's platform helps brands identify when a target audience is experiencing Halloween Spirit Moments and then delivers ads that rise to the (spooky) occassion.

Aki's Halloween Spirit Moments, like all moments in the Aki platform, make it possible to increase the relevancy and efficiency of a mobile campaign. By better understanding a consumer's current mobile experience, Aki can determine who is receptive to a specific brand message, dramatically reducing wasted impressions as well as the likelihood of being haunted by poor mobile ad performance.

Did you know?

The e-commerce shift to m-commerce continues! A recent study by e-commerce company Demandware showed that smartphones claimed 45.1% of web-shopping traffic in the first quarter of this year.

Source: Demandware

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