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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they preparing or experiencing a (hopefully) delicious meal.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Meal time means different things to different people—for some, it's an elaborate process of research, planning, preparation and execution. For others, it's a quick trip to the microwave or a visit to the latest online delivery service. Either way, those meal planning moments represent an opportunity for advertisers. That's why Aki created Mealtime Moments, the moments that enable advertisers to target mobile consumers while they're preparing for, or having, a meal experience.

Aki identifies Mealtime Moments by looking at mobile data signals. Data like ""phase of day"" helps identify consumers who are approaching mealtime, but Aki combines that with other signals (like location, site/app, session length, demographics, seasonal insights and trigger data like weather) to better understand the nature of meal experience. This makes it possible to determine, for example, if a consumer is in chef-to-impress mode or eating and running—insight that helps determine what kind of ad message the consumer would be receptive to, or if they are receptive at all.

Mealtime Moments are, of course, extremely relevant to advertisers whose products or services can support the mealtime experience—supermarkets, CPG, housewares brands and retailers who carry those products, to name a few. But the moments can also be effectively leveraged by any advertisers who understands how to engage a consumer in the mealtime mindset. For example, an insurance company or national fitness brand might celebrate healthy eating choices, while cameras or mobile phone manufacturers might connect with consumers who are making new memories.

With Mealtime Moment targeting, plus a smart creative strategy, mobile advertisers will be coming back for second helpings.

Did you know?

Mobile technology and media have become the “sous-chef” for consumers with 88% claiming a mobile device helps guide their eating decisions and is present throughout the cooking/dining experience at home.

Source: Mediapost.com

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