#61: Music, Show & Theatre Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Connect with your audience while they're at music venues, performing arts, theatres and concert halls. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

Do you want your mobile campaign to receive a standing ovation? Aki's Music, Show & Theatre Moments provide just the right approach to target consumers while they're experiencing live performances.

To identify and target consumers during these moments, Aki analyzes the full set of mobile data signals. Naturally, location data is included in the mix, but Aki's in-depth analysis takes it further to give even more context. For example, the consumer who attends the heavy metal performance might be in a very different mindset compared to the symphony-goer, so Aki uses event data to narrow the audience. Similarly, factors like weather, context (app/site) and demographics can further refine the audience.

With this level of granularity, Aki helps brands make more precise (and cost-effective) targeting decisions. Advertisers can avoid delivering poorly-matched ads and, as a result, drive greater overall performance. Advertisers that embrace Aki's Music, Show & Theatre Moment will be sure to say "Encore!".

Did you know?

According to a Harris Interactive Poll (conducted for Ticketfly) 60 percent of millennials say that they are interested in hearing about deals on food, drinks, merchandise, and possible VIP experiences while they are at an event.

Source: Forbes Magazine

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