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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they're in the fashion mindset.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Even if you're not a diehard fashionista, you've probably experienced the satisfaction of returning home after a successful shopping venture. You've got your new shirts (and/or shoes, pants, jacket, etc.) and you're feeling fresh, fashionable and still in that shopping mindset. For advertisers, this is a prime moment for engagement. This is the New Wardrobe Moment.

What's unique about this moment is the fact that it combines two really valuable states for mobile consumers. On one hand, they're in the purchasing mindset. On the other hand, they're back at home, after making those purchases, and more likely to be in a ""lean back"" mode that is conducive to mobile engagement. It's a win-win for brands.

But how does Aki identify these moments? To find New Wardrobe Moments, as for any moment, Aki looks at all of the available data signals from the mobile device. For New Wardrobe, in particular, Aki notes the current location (Home) but also applies historical location data to determine that the consumer has recently visited a clothing retailer.

Once the moment is defined, Aki can deliver targeted ads to the consumer. A clothing retailer, for example, might engage the consumer with recent deals or a fashion video that aligns with the demographic's style preferences. But there are other types of brands that can take advantage of the post-wardrobe-shopping buzz: think entertainment, travel, even automotive. (Yes, in case you need a new car to go with those new shoes!) With the right timing and message, your New Wardrobe Moment targeted campaign metrics will look sharp!"

Did you know?

Speaking of shopping, a recent survey showed that 8 out of 10 young adults use their smartphones for shopping. Looks like mobile shopping is the standard for the up and coming generation.

Source: Brand Equity

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