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Defining the Mobile Moment

Connect with your audience while they're planning their strategy for a better self.

The Mobile Moment in Action

There is nothing like a new year to inspire positive change. Whether it's losing weight, saving money, cutting back on cocktails or spending more time with the family, a new year gives consumers an excuse to establish better habits. And now, with Aki's New Year's Resolution Moments, brands can join them on that self-improvement journey.

Aki's New Year Resolution Moments are a collection of seasonal moments that start during the holiday season and last through those crucial first few weeks of the year. Aki uses all available mobile data signals (and other insight like CRM and third-party data) to find and target a brand's audience during those moments that they are planning and executing those resolutions.

Aki's New Year Resolution Moments present a strong opportunity for brands that enable self-improvement—think healthy CPG, wellness services, fitness centers. But that's not all. Any brand that wants to join and support consumers in their mission to improve their lives can tap into these moments by developing offers and creative that tie into that mission.

Aki's New Year Resolution Moments give brands a creative approach to engagement during a hectic time of year. They're a must for any advertisers that has made their own resolution for better mobile performance in 2017.

Did you know?

Did you know that 39% of people in their 20's succeed at their New Year's resolution? Meanwhile, only 14% of those over 50 do—maybe they need more encouragement?

Source: Static Brain

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