#51: Nightlife Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach consumers while they're out at night, painting the town red. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

Smartphones have infiltrated all corners of our lives, and nightlife is no exception. Whether it's for searching for the next destination, tracking down friends, reserving tables or snapping memories, the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for the night owl.

For advertisers, this opens up an opportunity to engage consumers during what previously hard-to-reach Nightlife Moments. Where advertisers were once limited to opportunities like bar signs, drink coasters and bathroom billboards to reach party people, now they can engage through any number of mobile websites and applications.

Of course, just being able to reach a consumer doesn't translate to value. That's why Aki works closely with advertisers to determine if Nightlife Moments are relevant to a particular campaign and, if so, what the best approach is from both an ad format and creative messaging perspective. Advertisers like clubs and music venues, restaurants and bars and alcohol and spirits are natural fits for Nightlife Moments, but that's not all. Fashion and luxury brands, travel and hospitality, even automotive are just a few of the types of brands that can effectively engage consumers during Nightlife Moments—if they take an appropriate and relevant approach.

Nightlife Moments make it possible for a broad range of advertisers to connect with the party people in a way that drives engagement. Give this moment a run and soon you'll be toasting to stronger KPIs.

Did you know?

There's no shortage of apps to help party-goers get around, but who's using them? According to ComScore, millennials are leading the way in app use, spending the most time on top apps, but also using more apps.

Source: ComScore

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