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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage consumers who are getting ready to host a good time.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, retirement, professional milestones, award shows, sports events... Though parties come in all shapes and sizes, they'll always have at least one person organizing them. So how do brands make sure they're products are top-of-mind for the big event? Enter the Party Planning Moment.

Aki's Party Planning Moment makes it possible for brands to connect with consumers who are readying for a grand ol' time. Aki starts by identifying the audience; this could be achieved through basic demographics, or with additional third-party and CRM data. From there, Aki looks at a broad set of mobile data signals to find consumers when they're prepping for a party: Have they recently visited a party store? Is there a major hosting event, such as the Super Bowl or Oscars, approaching? Are they browsing party favors, recipes and/or venues online? By examining and interpreting these and more data points, Aki makes it possible for advertisers to zero in on consumers during the optimal moments.

In addition to targeting those moments, advertisers can shape their creative message to align with the occasion. For example, the beer brand's ""home run"" creative would align better with the World Series party than, say, the at-home Oscar gala. Similarly, a consumer that's out running party errands may be more likely to respond to a CPG message with a simple ingredients list compared to a how-to video.

Aki's precision targeting and messaging helps increase relevancy and, in turn, drive engagement. Stronger performance for your campaigns? Now that's something to celebrate!

Did you know?

Trying to reach partying millennials? More than one third of millennials shop on mobile devices at least once a month or more.

Source: MultiChannelMerchant.com

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