#52: Prime Time TV Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach users at home during prime time when the user is enjoying their favorite TV show.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Brands have long relied on prime time TV to build awareness and influence purchases. But, in recent years, as DVRs, streaming apps and on-demand content have taken hold, audiences have fragmented. Sure, many are still viewing TV in those evening hours, but they might be catching up on something DVR'd earlier in the day, or getting spooked by the latest Black Mirror on Netflix. This means that traditional prime time TV spots may not have the same impact they once did.

At the same time, second screen viewing is, increasingly, becoming standard behavior among TV viewers. Instead of just watching TV programming, today's audiences tend to have a device (at least one) in reach, if not in hand. Now, instead of relying on TV spots which might be missed entirely by viewers who are skipping commercials or commercial-supported programming, brands can engage prime time consumers with mobile ads.

Aki helps brands target these prime time viewers—regardless of what they're watching—with the Prime Time TV Moment. Aki analyzes mobile signals to find consumers during these moments. Naturally, time of day and day of week are key here, but those data points are combined with insight such as location to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

With Aki's Prime Time TV Moments, brands can engage consumers who are in that evening media consumption mindsight at a fraction of the cost of TV spots. The result? The kind of mobile engagement that makes you want to tune in again tomorrow.

Did you know?

More than three-quarters (88 percent) of millennials engage in second screen behaviors when watching video content.

Source: CTA

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