#57: Public Transportation Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Connect with consumers while they're riding on busses, subways, trains and ferries. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

Back in the day, images of public transportation were dominated with images of people reading books and newspapers, or maybe just zoning out. Today, the equivalent bus, train, ferry and subway riders typically have their eyes fixed on their devices. And yes, for advertisers, this translates to a hot opportunity for engagement.

Aki's Public Transportation Moment helps brands find consumers who are taking advantage of their local transportation hubs. Aki uses mobile data signals to identify consumers in this mode. Naturally, location is a critical signal, but Aki combines this insight with a range of other data points — including but not limited to audience data, phase of day, weather, historical location, and so on—that give advertisers valuable context around a given moment. Is the consumer heading to work? En route home? Running errands in the middle of the day? These factors help determine what level of receptivity a consumer might have to different products, messages and even ad formats.

Aki's Public Transportation Moment is just one of many moments that give advertisers an advantage in mobile advertising—the perfect way to avoid spinning your wheels in mobile campaign performance.

Did you know?

It's becoming easier and easier to feed our smartphone addictions on public transportation, with cities like New York enabling wifi over subways.

Source: Digitaltrends.com

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