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Defining the Mobile Moment

Target your audience while they're out on a road trip adventure.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Whether you best identify with the Griswolds, Kerouac, or that 2002 Britney Spears movie, there's no denying the road trip is a celebrated tradition. For advertisers, billboards, radio and in-store displays have long represented the best opportunity to influence consumers on the road, but (of course) that's all changed with mobile. Today, advertisers that want to engage the road tripping consumer must include mobile in the mix.

In order to effectively target that road tripping consumer, though, advertisers need to know when they are on the road. Aki's mobile moment platform makes this possible by using mobile device data signals to identify consumers on their great excursion. That data can then be combined with CRM and/or third-party data to more precisely define an audience. The result is a high-value opportunity to reach consumers, also known as Aki's Road Trip Moments.

Advertisers who target Road Trip Moments can reach align more effectively with the moments where consumers are most likely to have interest in their products. The Road Trip Snack Moment, for example, offers a strong opportunity for quick service restaurants as well as CPG beverages and snacks to influence visits and/or purchases. Hotels and cultural institutions can target likely visitors, and even use geo-fencing for more precise targeting, while automotive brands can engage their audience who may be receptive to messages about faster, larger and/or smarter vehicles.

Because safety must always come first, visual ad formats like video, rich media and standard banners will only effectively reach passengers. But that doesn't mean Aki's Road Trip Moments can't engage everyone—advertisers can target audio ads to key moments to reach both passengers and drivers.

Did you know?

A recent Fortune article reports that road travel for leisure has outpaced even air travel.

Source: Fortune

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