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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they're scrolling, tapping, reading and watching—instead of catching zzzz's.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Thanks to mobile devices, consumers are engaged with their devices day and night, and often long after they meant to go to sleep. While not a great trend for those who need a solid eight hours of shut-eye, it does open up a significant opportunity for brands who know how to engage during these moments.

That's why Aki created the Should-Be-Sleeping Moments—to make it possible for advertisers to connect with their audience during those truly lean-back moments, at night, in bed. Aki starts by identifying the audience using demographics and (when applicable) third-party or CRM data. Then Aki looks at mobile signals to understand the context of the moment: is the consumer home or out? What time of day is it—and is that in the bed-time zone? Aki can further combine that data with seasonal (""trigger"") data like weather or sports scores to give more context and, ultimately, better inform creative.

Aki's Should-Be-Sleeping Moments work well for brands that want to educate consumers on their products; the longer, leisurely mobile sessions increase receptivity to rich media and video content. Advertisers that want to get on a consumer's to-do list for the next day will also want to consider targeting these pre-snooze moments. And, as mobile shopping continues to pick up steam, retailers should also take note. With high receptivity and strong educational opportunities, the Should-Be-Sleeping is not a moment to sleep on.

Did you know?

According to a recent PayPal study, 34% of respondents will shop in bed for their partner or spouse while they are sleeping next to them.

Source: Internetretailer.com

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