#35: The Tax Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Connect with consumers when they're getting serious about tax time, while at home or running financial errands.

The Mobile Moment in Action

There is only a short list of "sure things" in life and taxes are one of them. But inevitability doesn't translate to favorability—so how do you engage consumers on a topic that they would probably rather avoid? The answer is found in mobile moments.

Mobile moments make it possible for brands to isolate the strongest opportunities for ad engagement while also avoiding wasted impressions on inopportune times. Aki's Tax Moments, in particular, help brands identify key moments during tax season to ensure they reach consumers while they're in the right mindset to engage with a tax-related message, sign up for a software demo, download an app, etc.

To identify key Tax Moments, Aki looks at every mobile data signal and combines them with audience data (demographic, CRM, and/or third-party). This helps brands gauge when consumers are participating in tax season milestones, like Early-Bird Research Moments or the Last-Minute Scramble in April.

Further, Aki uses moment insights to determine whether that consumer is more likely to respond to specific types of messages. For example, when a consumer is out and about on Saturday Errand Moments, brands might want to make sure that a calendar reminder is included in the creative, giving users plenty of time to prepare their taxes. Likewise, the consumer who is Taking Care of Business at home may be more likely to complete that educational video. Aki combines smart planning with ongoing campaign optimization to transform mobile moment insights into better campaign performance.

Aki's Tax Moments provide brands with an approach that keeps the consumer's needs—in general and in-the-moment—core to the campaign strategy. This gives brands another item to and on the short list of "sure things": more efficient and cost-effective mobile advertising.

Did you know?

According to Bank of America's Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, 54% of consumer surveyed said they are active users of a mobile banking app. It's clear that banking is migrating to mobile, which means taxes are not far behind.

Source: Bank of America

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