#63: Under-the-Weather Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Connect with your target audience while they are in recovery mode, at home, at the pharmacy or doctor's office. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

It happens to everyone—even the most health-conscious among us sometimes get struck by a miserable cold or flu. And when this illness strikes, it's time to rest and recover and, inevitably, pass some time on our smartphones.

While it's never good news when someone is feeling ill, that under-the-weather mindset creates powerful "lean back" engagement opportunities for brands. Not only are consumers removed from their usual hustle and bustle, they're also oftentimes bored. This opens the door for more interactive creatives—fun, educational, videos—and increases the likelihood of engagement.

Of course, the key is identifying consumers who are in this state, and Aki's Under-the-Weather Moments are designed to do just that. Aki uses machine learning to effectively interpret the full range of mobile data signals and uncover patterns in consumer behavior. With Aki, brands are not simply targeting one-dimensional targeting criteria like demographics and location, they're targeting a dynamical analysis of data that offers deeper insight into the consumer's mindset at a given moment. For example, instead of just targeting a consumer "at home during the week," Aki looks for signals that understand what it means for that consumer to be "at home during the week"—is it standard behavior? An exception? Similarly, a look at historical data, like a recent visit to a medical center, provides additional context.

Aki's Under-the-Weather Moments help advertisers engage consumers who are home sick, at the doctor's office, the hospital or pharmacy. It's a logical part of a moment targeting strategy for pharma and any medical or therapeutic products, as well as any brand who knows how to take advantage of more receptive mobile moments. With Aki's Under-the-Weather Moments, advertisers can look forward to stronger engagement and feel-good mobile impact.

Did you know?

Back in December, eMarketer updated their forecast for digital ad spending by pharmaceutical companies in 2016—at $2.02 billion, digital would jump more than 20% higher than 2015. This continued growth points to an increasingly competitive landscape, which means brands will need to up their targeting game to stand out.

Source: Emarketer.com

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