#16: Vacation Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage consumers while they're enjoying much-needed time away during specific times of year and/or while they're at relaxing or exciting destinations.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Picture yourself gazing out at a vast blue ocean, each breath in step with the hypnotic rhythm of the waves. You're barefoot, stretched out on a lounge chair while a gentle breeze rustles the leaves of the palapa above. To your right: an ice-cold margarita. And to your left? Yes, your mobile phone.

Whether or not you yourself are on board with the connected vacation, the reality is that today's consumer has their phone at-the-ready, even when they're taking time away. Fortunately for advertisers, this represents a unique opportunity to reach consumers while they're in a more relaxed mindset and free to engage with the products they're interested in but haven't had the time to explore in real life.

To tap into this opportunity, Aki created the Vacation Moment. In the Vacation Moment, a combination of location and behavioral insights are further refined by data signals like demographics, income and age range to establish not only if a consumer is on vacation, but they type of vacation they're enjoying. Advertisers can use this insight to better understand their audience's mindset and deliver messaging and creative that draws on the specific moment.

The result? An ad campaign that is more precisely targeted, more satisfying KPI's for your campaign and deeper insights into your audience's mobile behavior on vacation. It's enough to call for a second margarita!

Did you know?

A TripAdvisor study found that 85% of US travelers bring their smartphones on vacation. (Are you among them?) And, speaking of mobile and travel, eMarketer noted that this year, the majority of digital travel bookers will be using their mobile devices to plan travel.


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