#58: Waiting Room Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Target users while they are waiting in their doctor's, dentist's office or other health related practice. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

Waiting rooms are never particularly fun. Fortunately, thanks to mobile devices, that idle time can be passed more productively—checking email, reading news, catching up on social feeds, watching videos... the list goes on. For advertisers, this waiting period opens up a solid opportunity for engagement, if you can find consumers during these moments. Aki Technologies, with its Waiting Room Moment, does just that.

Aki's Waiting Room Moment identifies consumers who are engaged with their mobile devices in their dentist or doctor's office. Aki combines location data with a host of mobile data signals to provide insight into the consumer's mindset and ad receptivity at that given moment. Aki uses insight to determine if the ad call offers a strong engagement opportunity for a particular brand, and also to inform which ad format and even message would prove most effective.

While it's logical for pharma and other health-related brands to engage consumers during Waiting Room Moments, Aki's insights can help determine opportunities for other types of brands as well. That pre-lunch visit to the chiropractor, for example, is a good time for a QSR message, while a weekend visit to the dentist might represent a good time to kick off research for a new car. (A CPG/confection brand might want in here, too—just don't tell the dentist.) With the Waiting Room Moment, as in the case of any moment, the key is delivering the message that best aligns with the consumer's mindset. It's timely approach that ensures the waiting for strong mobile campaigns is over.

Did you know?

Magazine subscriptions are on the decline, according to Folio, so advertisers that want to engage consumers-in-waiting really need to think about mobile.

Source: Foliomag.com

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