#65: Weekend Errands Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage audiences while they are hitting the malls, shopping plazas, markets and main street during the weekend.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Saturday and Sunday are days for getting things done. Consumers knock out the errands that stacked up during the week, hitting up malls, town centers, big box stores and so on. Brands that know how to engage these weekend go-getters can move the needle on key metrics, from website visits to in-store traffic. That's why Aki created the Weekend Errands Moment. The Weekend Errands Moment zeroes in on consumers who are checking things off their to-do list. Aki finds these consumers by looking at mobile data signals, including location, and identifying patterns in behavior that indicate they are in the mindset to get things done. These moments represent a strong opportunity for advertisers that belong on those to-do lists, like retail stores, packaged goods, durable goods, service centers, but also those that provide respite from (and reward for) all that running around. (Think QSR, coffee shops, movie theaters and ice cream chains). By targeting Weekend Errand Moments with Aki, advertisers and agencies can ensure that, when it comes to mobile impact, they are also getting things done.

Did you know?

Smartphone users are spending more time in apps than in years past, accessing over 30 apps on a monthly basis and 10 per day, according to a new report from App Annie.

Source: Techcrunch.com

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