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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience while they're planning a weekend escape.

The Mobile Moment in Action

When consumers need a break but can't get away for an extended vacation, they turn to the weekend getaway. Sometimes it's planned weeks or months in advance, other times it's a last-minute scramble for escape. Either way, the weekend escape represents an opportunity for brands who want to influence travel and travel-related decisions. But how to reach them during those critical decision-making moments? Say hello to Aki's Weekend Getaway Moments.

Weekend Getaway Moments help brands engage consumers while they're planning their escape. That might include pre-trip research, booking hotels and rental cars, and even moments during the actual getaway. The secret is finding the consumers while they experience moments related to the weekend getaway. That's where Aki comes in.

Aki starts by identifying the brand's audience. This is done through basic demographics, but could also leverage CRM data and/or third-party data. Before delivering any advertising, however, Aki looks at the full set of mobile data signals to interpret the nature of the consumer's mobile experience. What kind of moment are they having? What are they trying to achieve? Will they be receptive to advertising during that moment? By answering these questions, Aki helps brands deliver more effective and efficient mobile campaigns.

Naturally, travel brands will be interested in reaching consumers during Weekend Getaway Moments. The trip planning stage, in particular, is an optimal time for airlines and hotels to deliver their message. Restaurants, spas, and local tourism boards should also take note to planning stages as well as during-the-weekend moments. And, even better, with Aki's mobile moment platform, all of these brands can deliver the most optimal ad format for the consumer's experience. For example, that Arrived at the Airport Moment may represent a good time for car rental agencies, but given the hustle and bustle, a banner ad may be more effective than, say, a rich media creative.

Weekend Getaway Moments offer consumers much-needed time to relax. For brands, they represent a much-needed opportunity for mobile impact.

Did you know?

According to an Adweek article published earlier this year, 85% of travelers now use mobile devices to book activities.

Source: AdWeek

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