#49: Working Late Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Reach your audience when they're putting in extra hours in the office.

The Mobile Moment in Action

Working nine-to-five was once such a standard in the US that there was even a movie and a song about it. For many today, however, the working day stretches past the five o'clock whistle and sometimes well into the night. How can brands effectively engage the modern workaholic, or even the once-in-a-while overtimer? Introducing Aki's Working Late Moment.

Aki's Working Late Moment makes it possible to connect with consumers while they're putting in those extra hours at the office. Aki uses a broad set of mobile data signals, including location, time of day and day of week, along with location history, to identify and target the specific moment. Brands that engage consumers during Working Late Moments can leverage moment-specific creative to help build relevancy for the campaign and drive engagement.

Aki's moments give brands a deeper understanding of a consumer's mindset while they're using the device, and the Working Late Moment makes it possible to connect with consumers during times they might otherwise be difficult to reach effectively. The result? Better engagement and more efficient campaigns. Now, that's a way to make a living!

Did you know?

Could it be that smartphones are the reason we're working late? In a recent study from CareerBuilder, 55% of employers said workers' texting/cell phones is the biggest source of distraction.

Source: Fortune.com

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