#62: Yard & Garden Prep Moment


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Defining the Mobile Moment

Engage your audience while they're in the mindset for yard and garden work. 

The Mobile Moment in Action

Once winter finally ceases its grip on the weather, millions of homeowners turn their attention to their yards and gardens—what needs to be planted, turned, polished, decorated or replaced? The process of preparing the yard for the spring and summer season involves numerous purchase decisions. Brands that want to influence those purchases should consider Aki's Yard & Garden Prep Moments.

Aki's Yard & Garden Prep Moments identify consumers while they're in the mindset for outdoor updates and renovation. Aki uses mobile data signals to recognize when a target consumer is, for example, researching for a new hammock or lawnmower, or pricing out a new barbecue grill. But it's not only online activity that is relevant here; Aki looks at location signals to find consumers while they're at, near, or have recently visited home and garden centers. The analysis of all available data points ensures that brands are reaching their target audience at the most receptive and relevant moments.

Retailers that carry or specialize in outdoor equipment can benefit from Yard & Garden Prep Moments, though it also represents an opportunity for any brand that wants to engage with a consumer in that outdoor/summer mindset. With Aki's Yard & Garden Prep Moment, brands can kick back and watch their mobile impact grow.

Did you know?

Think backyards and technology don't mix? Think again. Nearly one in five participants said they upgraded to smart outdoor lighting systems they can control with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Source: Digital Trends

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